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Pool Party Balloon Wall

It’s nearly summer! This calls for long afternoons hanging out in the sun and cooling off in a pool! Pool parties are a great excuse to get friends together, and an even better excuse to buy a few of those amazing inflatables floating around the web (like this, this, and this)! In celebration of summer, we made this pool balloon wall. It’s a fun, silly addition to any summer soirée. To make a theme of it, you can even serve your guests a summery drink with a pool float of its own. Throw in some full-size inflatables for easy photobooth props and decoration.  Just remember — no diving!

Pool Party Balloon Wall | Oh Happy Day!

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Custom Made: A Brown Bear Party

Our youngest son recently turned one! We had a small party for him at home and invited a few family friends to celebrate. My 5-year-old and I brainstormed possible birthday themes — what did his baby brother like best? Cheerios (by the fistful). Pancakes (to my dismay, he’d eat just pancakes everyday, three times a day and nothing else, if he could). And destroying all Lego and Magnatile creations made by his big brother (I’m sure there’s a party theme in there somewhere…). Then, our a-ha moment – a brown bear party! His brown bear lovey is his favorite thing, his most cherished buddy he snuggles with all day long.

Here are a few simple ideas I put together for his birthday:

Custom Made: A Brown Bear Party by Erin Jang | Oh Happy Day!

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Handwritten Party Hats

I was walking down a street in New York City one night a few years ago when I saw a happy group of partiers with party hats going by. They had personalized their hats with really funny sayings in marker. I thought it was fun inspiration for a party DIY. I love the idea of customizing a hat with something funny just for the person wearing it.

Handwritten Party Hats | Oh Happy Day!

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